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martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Tuina treatment for lumbar intervertebral disc herniation

Sixty lumbar intervertebral disc herniation (LDH) cases were treated with electroacupuncture on such major points as Jiaji (Ex-B 2) in L4, L5, and S1 and Huantiao (GB 30) as well as adjunctive corresponding points in the affected area plus short-lever micro-adjustment manipulation.
Another 60 cases in the control group were treated with tra-ction. After three treatment courses, the former got the effective rate of 93.3%, while the latter only got 77.8%. The two groups have a statistical difference in therapeutic effect (P<0.05).

Tuina-Treatment study
tuina treatment
Tuina treatment

Gao Ming (1)
Mu Jing-ping (2)
Shen Dong-yuan (1)
Author Affiliations:
1. Shanghai University of TCM, 201203, Shanghai, China
2. Acupuncture Department of Taihe Hospital, 442000, Shiyan City, Hubei, China
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