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domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

Lanna Tok Sen massage.

What it´s Tok Sen ?
Tok Sen it´s Thai Ancient Meridian (Sen lines) treatment. A technique to clear blocked energy. It uses mechanical and sound vibration, working deeply through the fascia and muscles feeling more open and released tension in the shoulders, neck and back, with the muscles being much softer.

The practice of Tok Sen is very old and dates back to a time before the Thai, Sukhotai, or even the Lanna Kingdom. We can assume this method is indigenous or semi-indigenous to these areas. This method is known and practiced throught Northern Thailand. Tok Sen can also be four in Burma and Laos as a healing tool in treatment.


Tok Sen means "take off energy lines" in Thai language.
Is a centuries old Northern Thai practice. It is a rhythmic method of tapping using a special wooden hammer and wedge combined with Thai acu-points that creates a healing vibration working deeply through the fascia and muscles in the body.

Treatment and healing with Tok Sen, like many older and indigenous techniques, incorporate all three levels of the physical, energetic and spiritual being.

Until recently, this unique healing modality was found only in the Chiang Mai area of Northern Thailand (Lanna). Tok Sen is thought to date back over 5000 years, and developed in Lanna while acupuncture developed in China. It is an energetic healing modality, and is still practiced in the country areas, where farmers receive Tok Sen from family members after working in the fields all day.

The tradition is only taught orally. There are no books describing it and it has passed down through farming families. This type of Lanna Tok Sen massage treatment can be done with Traditional Thai massage.

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